Kode Abdo, aka BossLogic, is a graphic designer and digital concept artist based in Australia who has stolen the internet’s heart with his creative fan art mashups and remixes. His artworks are passionate, powerful and pack an emotional punch.


What started as pure fan-art quickly gained the attention of millions around the world, including the team at Marvel, Disney and more who jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with BossLogic on a number of artworks including comic book covers, official movie posters for the likes of Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin and much more. He is now one of the most celebrated artists in the digital art space with works that transcend genres and styles, transporting us to fantastical worlds through his stunning creations.



What have you been up to, what have you been working on over the last year?

I have been keeping busy, both in the entertainment world and the crypto world. Learning and being part of new tech and new ways to produce art and ways I can expand personal projects that I have been working on and utilising new ways to grow them. 

Tell us a bit about your art practice and any key themes throughout your work.

I have always worked in the realm of digital photo manipulation, digital paint or 3D to help me be more diverse when it comes to styles of my works. 

How did you first hear about NFTs, what did you think and when was that?

I heard of it from a friend, seeing him do his first ever drop at the time not knowing what a drop is but it was mind blowing, like how does one sell out of their art pieces within minutes?


I talked to him about it to explain it to me, I was still confused at the time so I did more research on nft’s. After that I got together with IV gallery and we did our first drop on Nifty Gateway and this whole new wave of how an artist can sell their work was just something I never seen before and I saw the potential where this can go. 

What have NFTs enabled for you? (economically, creatively, community wise)

To reach a whole new audience and new ways to create and engage with the community. I’m currently building an IP that has progressed so much since I have been in this scene and they have also got me into some art houses that I never thought possible. 

How have NFTs informed your art practice?

I try not to let different foundations change my practice, ultimately I want to bring me and what made me, me into any medium I step into.


I just want to adapt and evolve but still be the same base. 

What attracted you about showcasing at Satellite?

As big as I have gotten within the scene, be entertainment or crypto, Australia is my home and I feel I don’t do enough home bound shows and events and this one sparked my hype and interest. 

Can you tell us more about the story and inspiration behind your Satellite submission?

Whatever show I do, I like to bring what makes me, me to the table, to connect with the audience to get familiar with the pieces and work I do, so for the next time they see the style of work, they will remember it. 

How do you explain NFTs to someone who might not know anything about them?

I always go with the collectable logic of it, like if you own a rare comic in real life, now imagine that rare one of one comic was digital and you are the only one who owns it, it’s a super rare collectable, it just happens to be digital. 


This is the art take of nft where nft is not limited to just collection and you will see heavy evolution in the space. 

What advice do you have for other artists/collectors trying to break into NFTs?

Don’t change what made you the artist you are, bring what made you the artist you are today and adapt in this world. I have seen many artist change everything about them, work ethic, style, just to be part of the scene only to lose their way. Most of all. Stay enjoying what you do. 

Is there an NFT you’re most proud of, and why?

That would be the 4 horseman set, I got to create something that was always on my mind for the longest of time and it’s some of my best work.

Do you have a favourite NFT in your wallet / project you idolise and why?

I got a dope mega mutant Ape, bored Apes are a fun and quality collection and having this one is like being on top of the top!

Who/what are your biggest influences and where do you find your inspiration for your art?

I take it all in, shows, movies, music, the world, I get inspired by things indirectly to art itself, that’s why these days I take a moment to breathe, look around me and take in the wonders around us. 

Can you share any plans for upcoming projects?

All my time and energy has been building the BLU (Boss Logic Universe) and my personal IP. The story is being fleshed out, something I want to thrive in its own universe.

Can you share any plans for upcoming projects?

I honestly don’t have a clue but I’m excited. Tech moves and evolves so fast these days. 5 years in tech especially now, we could be chilling in space 😂

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