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Jonathan Zawada


David Porte Beckefeld


Alex Trochut

Brendi Wedinger

Mikaela Stafford

Ines Alpha

Studio Brasch

Chris LaBrooy


Martine Emdur



“To combine the handcrafted with digital mediums; to both celebrate the past and embrace the future.”

I like to think I have a bit more of a graphical approach to my subject matter and compositions but am starting to blur those lines a bit with more detailed and cinematic works.”

“Afrofuturism, world building and surreal portraiture.”

I’ve really appreciated being able to utilise immersive light, sound and space to create a deeper level of connection between my artwork and the viewer.”

“It’s the discoveries I’ve made when merging these two mediums that has resonated with me the most.”

“I want to bring me and what made me, me into any medium I step into.”

“Exploring a curiosity tends to solidify into a visual theme”

“Projects where digital artwork intersect with the physical world interest me, because it allows for a new dimension of reality to be explored”

“I like to consider concepts such as memory, perspective, and narrative/abstraction”

“I am a strong believer in exploring and experimenting with visual styles, techniques and software”

“My interiors are usually muted, filled with natural lighting, I love wood and I use it over and over on my work”

“every artist has their own style, tricks, and techniques, and by constantly working with other people, my personal style has evolved in a way that it otherwise wouldn’t have.”

“Expect more strange toys!”

“I’m trying to deconstruct everyday life experiences and transform them into a new unseen reality.”