Satellite: Sydney 2022

Satellite is Sydney’s first major 3D art exhibition utilising NFT (non-fungible token) technology. Taking over Bondi Beach gallery Twenty Twenty Six from 10 March – 3 April 2022.


Satellite will engage and educate the public on the rapidly evolving NFT art movement through a month-long digitally immersive and sensory experience. ​​This inaugural Satellite exhibition is designed to empower artists working in digital media and to inspire existing and new audiences to embrace the digital evolution of the art world by demonstrating the ability of NFTs to unlock untapped potential in how we perceive, interact with, and collect digital art.


In this exhibition, Curator and leading 3D artist David Porte Beckefeld brings together over 50 NFT artworks from a diverse array of leading influential Australian and international artists shaping the creative economy and NFT space including; Jonathan Zawada, Serwah Attafua, David McLeod, BossLogic, LIŔONA, Mikaela Stafford, Chris Golden, Jessica Ticchio, Yambo, Trevor Jones, Beeple and more.


Welcome to the future of art experiences.

A Note from the Curator

It’s always been an aspiration of mine for artists and designers to have their 3D works presented in contemporary art context, along with an equally considered physical space.


Much like a Satellite floating through the vastness of space collecting valuable data, over the years I’ve met and bookmarked incredible creatives pioneering the space. A collective truly worthy of representing what the future of contemporary art will look like. 


The advent of NFTs in 2021 saw their explosive impact in the artworld, from amateur digital artists to the more established. Immutable ownership of these works were never possible in the way they are now thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, smart contract applications, and the community that believes in them.


Collaborating with flagship NFT platform, Foundation.app, Katie Tholo (ex. Art Gallery of NSW) and Studio Messa who have constructed a digital gallery from early visions through to tangible conception. 


It’s with great pleasure I present this contemporary palette of the finest 3D artists in the digital space, and the world at large.


David Porte Beckefeld

A Note from the Presenting Partner, Prism Markets

Art has long provided the means to explore ideas and concepts that were once unfamiliar. As new forms of technology increasingly integrate into our lives, challenging old modes of operation and presenting new ways of existing, Prism supports the arts for its ability to provide alternative lenses to view the world through, challenge our perceptions, reveal new ways of seeing and, through the articulation of abstract concepts, assist the transition between the old and the new. 


Connection and innovation are at the core of Prism. We look forward to partnering with Satellite, supporting innovation in technology and providing a foundation for the power of creativity to influence and inspire our lives, connecting the parts that makeup the whole. 

Exhibiting Artists

Jonathan Zawada

Serwah Attafua


David McLeod



David Porte Beckefeld

Chris Golden

Jessica Ticchio


Alex Trochut

Greg Cooper

Brendi Wedinger

James van den Elshout

Wes Cockx


Mikaela Stafford

Tim Grove

Ines Alpha

Studio Brasch

Chris LaBrooy


Gonzalo Miranda


Martine Emdur


Trevor Jones