Gonzalo Miranda


Gonzalo Miranda (Gonzzzalo)

Gonzalo Miranda is an Art Director & 3d Artist creating imagery at the intersection of craft & digital.

With a deep sense of space, light and composition, Gonzalo creates unique frames for a variety of design fields. Specialized in product and interior visualization as well as concept framing and styling for animation. Currently exploring furniture and space design


Gonzalo Miranda, Interior RND (Detail)

What have you been up to, what have you been working on over the last year?

This last year was crazy, I mostly worked on client work with some very cool studios, it was a really exhausting one I have to say but I tried to find some time to keep working on my personal imagery, I released a cool video about a chair I designed called 75º, also gave life to my Hey! Collection which I really like and last but not least, I’m working on an exciting project with Dissrup, which I can’t speak about right now.

Tell us a bit about your art practice and any key themes throughout your work.

I try to keep my work consistent in terms of materials, lights and simple compositions, my interiors are usually muted, filled with natural lighting, I love wood and I use it over and over on my work, I think it’s the best way of adding warmth and a touch of nature + tactility to a scene.

How did you first hear about NFTs, what did you think and when was that?

November 2020, my buddy David Porte Beckefeld reached out to ask me to join the first batch of artists that formed Foundation V1, I said yes without really understanding anything about it. I remember trying to explain to my ex-flat mate where I was joining and I myself couldn’t make any sense.

Is there an NFT you’re most proud of, and why?

The whole “renaître” series is my favorite. It felt really refreshing compared to the other work I usually did and was warmly received by everyone. I’m actually planning to bring it back in a new style during 2022.

What attracted you about showcasing at Satellite?

It’s organized by the most wholesome people I’ve met on the Internet + the roster of artists it’s incredible, I just couldn’t refuse.

Can you share any plans for upcoming projects?

I’m working on an animation to present a new chair I’ve created, you’ll probably see it in the real and digital world, I don’t want to spoil much!

Do you have a favourite NFT in your wallet / project you idolise and why?

I finally bought Pak’s latest drop when it launched, Merge. I’m really loving everything he does, feels like a weird art/tech experience as a whole, excited to see where it heads to.

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